Writing for Wisdom


“I write to express, to share, to release ideas that demand air time, to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, offering any wisdom that comes my way, through intention or intuition. I write because I must.” Silvana, Wisdom Elements

I’m not a formally trained writer, simply an accidental one. Years ago, when I became very ill, and unable to do anything but keep the emergency lights on in my body, a wise woman called Beverley, suggested I keep a journal. When one is ill, the mind, at least my mind, can go berserk. It goes into over-drive trying to analyse why I got sick and desperately trying to find answers on how to get better. As the months, then years passed, it became a full time job, with little rest. I found that journalling allowed my ever multiplying thoughts to be put down onto paper, releasing the need to continually juggle a thousand ideas at once. The benefits of journaling and writing are many.

When an idea was on a merry-go-round in my head, I couldn’t seem to get any clarity or solution. But, when I put it down on paper, the act of writing and/or re-reading my notes, often gave me an insight into what the problem was and with it, often came a solution. Ever since then, I’ve kept a journal and write in it daily.

If you embrace the challenge of emotional growth, a journal can also be a gift, because we often don’t see how much progress we’ve made. It’s not until we re-read some of the issues that were plaguing us in the past, issues that we now see as trivial, that we see how much we’ve grown.

I know blogs are over-used and now under-rated, but I felt that writing and sharing was an extension of journal writing. I felt that I wanted to share some of those hard-won insights with others, to help them get to the nuggets of wisdom quicker and with a little less angst and pain. It was, and remains the primary purpose for this blog.

I hope you enjoy my musings and gain some benefit from reading about these life  experiences.