Feeling Supported


There is nothing worse than going through a really difficult time in your life and feeling like no one understands, or worse, to feel like you are travelling through a dark tunnel all alone. I know what this feels like having been through enough dark nights of the soul that all together, lasted a decade.  My hope is that through the words I write, and the images I share, that you will feel nourished, uplifted and supported. To know that someone is in “the field”, understands and is sending love and healing energy your way.

Our hardest journeys can often give us a glimpse into areas of our lives that are not lived in harmony with our souls. Challenges encourage us to remember and recognise our true inner beauty, and our Divine connection and potential. Some days, that potential might be just getting out of bed and to help us refocus the nature of our suffering. We can go some small way to doing this by giving thanks for even the smallest achievements and blessings, like sunshine or a warm cup of tea. It is often only after we walk out of the darkness and back into the light, that we are able to see some potential gift in the hardship. It might be a better appreciation of our strength and courage to get through our difficulties, or the ability to gain insights that help us change old, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. Just as important, is learning to use that newly found wisdom to move forward. Even though we may be battle weary and scarred, we may have nevertheless discovered a lightness in our step, because a weighty bag from the past has been lifted from our shoulders.


Know that there are many of us walking alongside you. Those of us who have walked the path and in some cases are still going through a process of discovery, are doing so with a limp or a slightly blinded spot in our vision, because we are after all, a work in progress.

May this day bring you peace, healing and awareness.