Hello and welcome to Wisdom Elements!

In a nutshell, I’m a seeker and change explorer and I use creativity to facilitate my work. My kind of creativity to date is photography (I sometimes take a good shot), writing (a novice but loving it) and a newly emerging designer (of textiles, print and new ideas).

The longer version, I love writing and words usually fly out without any difficulty, except for when it comes to writing this ‘About’ page. Writing succinctly about our many experiences, gifts and passions is a little challenging, particularly when one is still a work in progress. Six months ago my descriptions were very different to what they are now, so as with all things in life, change is a continuum and so this page will continually change and evolve.

As of now, I can describe myself as someone who had experienced a decade of chronic health issues. It has been to date, my most challenging and yet rewarding time. Challenging because there is nothing more isolating than long-term illness. Friends, even family seem to run out of compassion and patience when it comes to support. Isolation can begin to erode even the sunniest disposition and some days seem like a sludgy, sticky glue that attaches one long dreary day to the next. When getting out of bed is your greatest achievement, life can appear senseless and you yourself, useless. But it is in the darkest depths that we can find, if we dare to look, our long lost selves. You see it is in living by the rules of others, the inherited mental programs of should and ought to that we lose our true selves. To protect ourselves, we bury our authentic nature to win approval, to remain part of the group and “succeed”, or so we think. Success in this case as defined by many of our societies as being materially successful. There is no room for authenticity in a money making machine that is our world economy. But is material success really what we should be striving for? Is that truly nourishing at a soul level? Watching the misbehaviour of many materially successful people, one has to wonder if money really does buy happiness. And is happiness something we buy?

And so, having been forced, through illness to realise that I’d buried my own authentic self in miles of sludge, the sheer desperation of illness forced me to awaken from my deep sleep. One of the gifts of being unwell and isolated is that being unable to go outside, we are often left with no option but to go within. The inner journey is challenging at first, particularly when we are unaccustomed to the terrain, but once we enter, there is no going back. The magnificence and beauty that we find within our own soul and through it our connection to a Divine force is so breathtaking as to be indescribable. Here lies our true source of strength that helps us get through life’s challenges and most dark and difficult times. Here we find true love and beauty, and not the kind that is caked in make up or bulging muscles. There is no physical beauty to SEE within other than the beauty we FEEL. In nature we see such beauty, but even if we close our eyes, we can feel the energy of the ocean, we can feel the breath of the forest, we can feel the solid force held within the atoms of mountains and rocks. Here is where we find true love. And our heart is made of the greatest energy that exists throughout existence. Sadly most of us build walls around our heart, but with a little encouragement, support and love from those who inspire us and genuinely and unconditionally love us, we can begin to break down those walls. For those seeking a purpose to their life, this is the answer.

Many people think that purpose is a vocation, and ultimately it is, but before you can get to your “purpose”, you must discover and connect with your inner compass, with your heart, with your own beloved, which is you. What are you passionate about? What makes you giddy with delight and inspires you into action? Once you create a direct line in, your heart’s energy bursts forth and it will magnetically attract itself to an activity that sings in unison with your soul. This is where your vocation lies.

Imagine a child  who is always seeking justice for the vulnerable and one day wants to grow up and be a human rights activist, but those around her give their ‘advice’ and say she is being silly and that there is “no money in it”, reflecting their own values of justice and financial reward. There is little room here for spiritual or emotional reward. So the child shuts down their true nature and pursues a career that made them money, and miserable in equal measure. Was that good advice? No. It was tainted advice, given through the lens of fear, of insecurities and unfulfilled dreams of others.

The way we can heal our world is by allowing each person to live as authentically as possible.

And finally we come to the purpose of this blog and to who I have discovered I am so far. I know that I’m deeply empathic and my work in community relations and counselling brought me great satisfaction but I also discovered that I struggled with boundaries and so for now, have paused from these professions and have opened myself to something new.

The new discoveries are that I love writing, have really always loved it and am a natural communicator at heart.  I love nature, I have a deep need to heal, people, the planet, anything, I love helping people release unhelpful mind programs and to develop their own thoughts and beliefs, to strip away old layers and rediscover themselves.

I have discovered that I am also a highly creative person. That doesn’t mean I woke up one morning and could draw anything more than a stick figure, but my heart sings when I see colour and great design. I love fabrics and creating, whether it’s using a camera, a sewing machine, watercolours or baking. I’ve also discovered that creativity has helped me overcome issues around perfectionism and self-worth. This is where my true healing has come from.

And so, this blog exists as another source of insights and inspiration.  I will leave you with a few inspired ideas that came to me some time ago. May they be of some benefit to you too.

What I’ve learnt so far….

I learnt the hard way, through illness and Einstein’s wisdom, that trying to find a solution whilst continually doing the same things is crazy. So, I had to let go of everything and start anew.

1. I had to fully heal myself, fully, before trying to help others.

2. I needed to reimagine what it meant to offer healing to others and how that would look like. I’m exploring the healing power of creative pursuits and how a blog or beautiful photos could heal.

3. By letting go, I allowed the guidance that I was seeking to show me the way.

4. The things that I loved, like creative pursuits, are not self-indulgent but self-healing. They are greatly undervalued and yet, one of the most effective ways of healing, connecting to our intuition and bringing joy.

5. It’s ok to release our old images of ourselves, to be left empty, to have no title, no direction and just sit in the void.

6. It’s ok to sit in nature or do whatever it is that nourishes the soul. We come from the earth and return to it, so why wouldn’t we remain connected during our lifetimes? Time in nature for all people would heal the world.

7. Whereas I thought that I would feel happiest and most satisfied climbing the corporate ladder, my greatest joy and soul sustenance comes from my family, writing, music, crochet, and design. I love good food and travelling, anything that continually awakens my senses and keeps me guessing about what’s around the corner.

I hope this site, and my posts may inspire you and help you find peace and joy in your own life and I thank you for visiting this site. Namaste.


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